Privacy-Focused Analytics Platform For Developers

Track every metric you need without invading your user's privacy

Why Use Privacy Analytics?

1. GDPR Compliance (and CCPA, and PECR)

European Data Protection agencies have started fining small business that are not GDPR compliant.
Many businesses do not realize that using Google Analytics out of the box can lead to issues with GDPR.
Privacy tools allow you to circumvent all of these issues, and not have to worry about GDPR at all.

2. Cookie Banner Not Required

Cookie banners affect the user experience.
Insights doesn't use any cookies, so there is no need to put a banner.

3. Respect For Your Users

Users appreciate websites that respect their right to privacy.
We will provide your website with a privacy badge upon request.

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The Most Complete Privacy Analytics Platform

Insights eliminates the trade-off between respecting privacy and getting analytics.

Page Views Tracking

We offer all the usual page statistics, such as bounce rate, referrers, screen size.

Full Event Tracking

We allow tracking of user interactions such as clicking on a button, leaving the page, or even scrolling on a page.

Customizable Script

Insights.js is a very powerful tool for customizing your website tracking, without requiring to navigate through multiple pages of reports.

Interested in more technical details? Take a look at our features page.

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Getting Started

1. Add Our Script To Your Page

<script src=""></script>
  insights.init("my project")

2. Track Your Page Views

All page views are tracked anonymously automatically.

3. Track Custom Events

Insights can be customized to See our docs to get started.


Fair Pricing: Our pricing holds no hidden costs. You can cancel anytime and you won't have to pay the next bill.

Our Plans


< 5k events
(About 2.5k page views)


< 100k events
(About 50k page views)


< 1M events
(About 500k page views)


< 10M events
(About 5M page views)

Get Started For Free

How It Works

You can set up Insights in about a minute by using our script. This will grant you access to our dashboard, as well as page views statistics for your projects.
To enable the full power of our tool, add Insights.js as a dependency to your project, and use it to track events on your app.
Insights supports all of your favorite framoworks such as React, Angular, and Vue. It is also fully typed.
Our docs contain code examples to guide you through tracking the most common events, such as clicks and scrolling.

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Do you have any questions about our offering?
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