Our Features

Faster Loading Speed

Insights loads much faster than Google Analytics and other analytics tools. It was built with performance in mind, and will continue to optimize it in the future. Analytics tools shouldn't be like

Page Views Tracking

Insights offers all the usual page statistics, such as bounce rate, page visits, and user flow. We do this without storing any IP information, cookies or personal information. This way your users get the full benefits of privacy, without sacrificing any insights.

Anonymous Event Tracking

Insights is the only privacy-first analytics platform which supports event tracking. We allow tracking of user interactions such as clicking on a button, leaving the page, or even scrolling on a page. All without requiring cookies or storing any identifiable information. You can see our docs here.


In keeping with the privacy goal of our analytics, we try to keep our platform as transparent as possible. Our code for InsightJS is open source and available on Github, and you can see information about what data we collect here.

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