About us

Hi! We're Anthony and Henrique.

We are two freelance software developers, Anthony and Henrique, who wanted to add a privacy-friendly analytics software to one of their products but weren't happy with the solutions available.

We've built Insights to be as powerful and able to gather as much data insights as bigger platforms, while fully respecting the users' privacy and never gathering any identifying personal information. We are fully transparent about the data we do collect: you can see this information here.

Our goal was to build privacy directly into the architecture of Insights. Insights is fully anonymized, we don't track your users - no cookies, no IP tracking, no banners needed. And we only track what you want us to.

By using Insights you will be contributing to a more respectful internet, and also make your website more welcoming to users: we don't use cookies, so your page will be free from those pesky user acceptance banners.

If you've read this far, why not reach out to us? We'd be happy to hear feedback, criticism, or suggestions from you!